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iPhone and Android Repairs

Our iPhone and Smartphones have become our life line – whether it’s for social contact or business activities, we often can’t fully function without our iPhone or Smartphone close by. Just like our computers and laptops, our cell phones can experience a wide range of issues. It can be software or hardware related issues such as a cracked screen or even less common issues such as blown speakers or batteries that no longer hold a charge.

We can fix nearly every issue with your iPhone or Android and will work diligently to have it back in your hands as fast as possible. 

iPad and Tablet Repairs

Tablets and iPads have replaced computers for many people. Just like our iPhones and Android phones, iPads and tablets get damaged and will need to be repaired. We handle nearly all iPad repairs and tablet repairs including the most popular Samsung tablets, all available in Orleans. Some of the most popular repairs include iPad Screen Replacements, iPad battery replacements, and Samsung Tab Screen Replacements.

We can fix nearly every issue with your iPad or Samsung Tablet. Don’t hesitate to give us a call or book a repair.

Liquid Damage

If you’ve had the unfortunate experience of coming into contact with water, don’t panic. Follow these steps and call us right away for service:

  • Turn it off
  • Remove Battery (if possible)
  • Do not turn it back on (you’ll be tempted)
  • Keep in dry place and call us

Considering the nature of water damage, we can’t guarantee the repair but we have a variety of methods available to significantly increase our chances of survival.


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