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Our iPhone and Smartphones have become our lifeline – whether it’s for social contact or business activities, we often can’t fully function without our iPhone or Smartphone close by. Just like our computers and laptops, our cell phones can experience a wide range of issues. It can be software or hardware-related issues such as a cracked screen or even less common issues such as blown speakers or batteries that no longer hold a charge.

We can fix nearly every issue with your iPhone or Android and will work diligently to have it back in your hands as fast as possible.



The screens on mobile devices with touch functionality have two components. The digitizer allows for touch interactions & the screen displays the content.

Batteries are very important to any device that works wirelessly. A premium & brand new battery will serve wonders for your tablet or iPad.

Cameras are an integral part of a tablet or iPad. If they stop working you don’t need to replace your device. Our team can help.

Unable to be heard on a phone call or video? Unable to hear any sound from your tablet or iPad?

We can help resolve your audio issues without having to replace your tablet or iPad. A repair of these components will allow you to use your phone as usual!

If the charging port is damaged, it can render your tablet or iPad useless. Our specialized expertise can help to replace your damaged charging port and getting you back up and running.

Home buttons can stop working for a multitude of reasons especially when exposed to moisture or dust/dirt. We can help replace this key component without having to spend more on a costly replacement.

If your tablet or iPad is stuck in a boot loop, it’s not too late. Though this is an indication of corrupt system files, we can restore your device to its former glory.

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