What to do when a good computer turns slow? Optimize!


Our computers have become an extension of ourselves. Taking care and maintaining them regularly are vital requirements to ensure long life. We offer several options to optimize your devices and keep them running fast.

We have all experienced a slow computer or a laptop cleaning that didn’t quite do the job. There are several ways to improve performance including regular cleaning, removal of unnecessary background tasks, and startup programs. In many cases, a simple laptop cleaning won’t be enough as the internal hard drive is severely degraded and requires replacing. The best bang for your buck in terms of speed and overall performance is to replace your mechanical hard drive with an electronic solid-state drive. This upgrade alone will greatly improve startup speed and day-to-day tasks. Take a look at our software prices for more details about transferring Windows from an old hard drive to a new solid-state drive.

There are also times when your desktop, laptop, or MacBook needs a thorough cleaning in and out. We offer full system detailing to clean out dust and organize your desktop case to maximize airflow.

And of course, we can also run a simple optimize service if it is still required.

What is System Optimization?

System Optimization is the process of freeing up resources that are being misused. These resources are then available to the system to be used elsewhere. Storage space & CPU usage are good examples of valuable resources which, when freed, allow the device to run both more smoothly & faster. 

You can rely on us to get this done!

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How is it done?

Many people fall into the trap of using free System Optimizers. Though these programs promise to fix all the issues that plague your device they often exaggerate these same issues. They are also, often, an entry point for viruses. By being cheap & running one of these programs you may be giving yourself a bigger and more costly problem to deal with.

The tech COMMUNITY as a whole agrees that bringing it to a professional is the best & most reliable system optimization method.

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