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Whether you need to modernize your existing site or a complete re-build, we have you covered. 

WebSite Development

We offer a variety of services including full website development using WordPress CMS. We also offer website modernization, optimization and support services. We have you covered in nearly any scenario. Get in touch to find out how we can revolutionize your online presence.

Responsive Websites

Considering most of the browsing is now done from mobile, it is absolutely imperative to have your site designed to be viewable from all screen sizes. All of our websites are built to be responsive to different screen sizes. No more pinch to zoom when viewing a site on a mobile device.

Website Optimization

We offer existing websites a chance to stand out in today’s ever changing web world by providing web optimization services. This service can bring forward significant improvements without having to design a new website.

Page Speed Optimization

Having a very fast website is another crucial element to ranking favorably on Google. Once you website is built, we put considerable effort and time optimizing your site for page speed. We expect immediate response times when clicking on links throughout your website.

Website Security (https)

Google has confirmed that they will look favorably on websites that employ SSL (https). All of our websites support https and are fully secured using valid SSL certificates. Your website visitors will rest easy knowing your site is fully secured.

Cloud Hosting

Your hosting platform is the foundation of your site. We want to make sure everything we build is installed on the best possible platform while maintaining affordability. That is why we chose cloud hosting for all websites. Cloud hosting will ensure you get security, up-time and blazing speeds all in one package.

Quality Creations

Every website and page we create is created with the utmost focus on quality. We don’t skimp out on required configurations. We apply the required time and effort on every site and page we build. This will ensure your site is properly optimized and will rank highly on Google.

Search Engine Optimization

We offer extensive SEO consultation services to help get your site ranked high on search engines such as Google. Quality content will always be a focal point but a quality website built with page speed, security, responsive designs and effective keywords will help get you there.

Happy Customers

Stéphane is professional, polite and prompt. He is also competent and keeps you informed what is going on with your service request. I was impressed and would not hesitate to use his services again!
Nicole L.
I was extremely pleased with the Tech support provided by GCOM SS. Very knowledgeable and professional in all aspects. Also reasonable charge rates. I would (and have) recommend their services to anyone.
William M.
Great service. Price was fair and communication was excellent. Stephan always replied quickly and the work exceeded my expectations. Definitely going to use GCOM again for any tech support or service needs I have in the future.
Omar S.
GCOM was really quick in responding to my inquiries. The work was quick and excellent. The fee was very good for someone of his expertise in the business. I will definitely be taking my future business to him.
André D

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