Computer Repair and Mac Repair

We perform all types of upgrades and repairs for both Mac and Windows computers. Whether your computer just won’t boot up normally or you want to upgrade your hardware to speed things along, we can help make it happen – quickly and affordable.


We are committed to providing the best computer, laptop and Macbook repair services in Orleans. We are focused on client service and making sure everyone leaves feeling satisfied with the support they received. If your laptop or Macbook feels slow or doesn’t feel like it did when you first bought it, take advantage of our optimization options. We can also take the time to recommend improvement options to ensure future enjoyment of your computer.


If you find yourself with a broken or cracked screen on your laptop or Mac, we can take care of it. Due to the large number of new models being introduced every year, it’s difficult to stock laptop or Macbook screens but we can still able to offer next day repair on most laptop and macbook models. Give us a call or email us and we’ll get you a quote right away. New screens can be delivered and repaired next day at no extra cost. 


We can dry, clean and fix most water damaged devices including your laptop or Macbook. If your laptop or Macbook has come into contact with water, follow these steps and call us right away for the best chance at saving your device.

  1. Turn off and unplug the laptop or Macbook
  2. Remove the battery if possible
  3. Wipe up as much of the liquid as possible
  4. Lay it upside down on a dry towel
  5. Call us to get it professionally disassembled and dried
  6. Do not turn it back on!

We can’t guarantee water/liquid damage repairs but if you follow the steps above and bring it to us as soon as possible, the chances are much higher that we can get it working again for you.


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